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1941 Singer 127 Treadle

Crinkle Finish

Manufactured:  March 18, 1941 Elizabethport, NJ
Serial Number: AF830993
Needle: 15 x 1

Bobbins: Shuttle, long bobbins

Mechanism type: Arc shuttle
Feed: must be covered
Feet: Low shank


1941 Singer 127 Treadle


This is a 1941 Singer Model 127 sewing machine head in a nice treadle cabinet.   There are no attachments or manual with this machine set, other than a blind stitch attachment.  The model 127s have the boat-type shuttle system that carries the bobbin in an arc under the needle plate.  This machine's shuttle is present, along with one bobbin.  The cabinet is in very nice condition.  It does have some wear to the finish when the cabinet is open, the most noticeable being the typical scratch on the left leaf of the cabinet.  Please see the photos below for the condition of the machine and cabinet.  This set-up includes the model 127 machine head with the crinkle finish (no decals), and the treadle and cabinet as shown in the photos.

This machine has been SOLD, thank you.

Below are some more photos of this machine and its cabinet.







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