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Simply Art © Shawls Our Lady of Guadalupe


Simply Art © Shawls "Our Lady Of Guadalupe" Pattern


  Design (c) 2009 Laurie A. E. O'Meara


This pattern is for a basic shawl pattern, and is designed in colors reminiscent of, and in order to honor, Our Lady of Guadalupe.  This basic pattern will enable anyone who knows basic crochet stitches to make a beautiful, yet functional shawl.  It’s a great first project for young crocheters, but just as rewarding for advanced crocheters to make.  The sample is crocheted in vintage 3-ply Mohair yarns, held two strands together.  This allows the gauge to be set at a light worsted-weight (Dk weight), but as the finished dimensions are not critical, a worsted-weight yarn could also be used.  This pattern is a wonderful way to use up small amounts of cherished yarns, as was done with the sample shown.


Finished size: 17 inches by 80 inches (88 inches including the fringe)



Materials Needed to complete the pattern:


  • Size N crochet hook

  • Sport-weight yarn held two strands together or worsted-weight yarn, held one strand, 21.5 ounces total * see below for color list and ounce requirements

  • Darning needle

  • *Colors:

    Color #1 –White – 7 ounces

    Color #2 - Willow Green – 3.5 ounces

    Color #3 – Maroon – 2 ounces

    Color #4 – Rose – 2 ounces

    Color #5 - Bright Green – 2 ounces

    Color #6 - Pale Pink – 2 ounces

    Color #7 – Orange – 3 ounces



Stitch knowledge required:

Chain stitch, single crochet stitch, double-crochet stitch




Pattern Price: $6.00 each. Patterns are available for immediate download.    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the "pdf" file, a free download here

 Purchase this pattern directly now using Paypal for payment:

After payment is received through Paypal, you will be directed to a link for the Adobe "pdf" version of this pattern, which you can immediately print or save to your computer.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the "pdf" file, a free download here.

If you prefer to purchase a printed copy via the U.S. Mail and pay with a personal check or money order, please email me using the link at the top left.


Below is a photo of the shawl in this pattern. 




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