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Singer 503A Slant-O-Matic


Manufactured: 1961 (1962*), Anderson, South Carolina*
Serial Number: NC651857
Needle: Standard 15x1
Bobbins: Singer Class 66

Mechanism type: Rotary round bobbin
Feed: can be lowered (throat plate is raised)
Feet: slant shank


* per another sewing machine enthusiast, Ray, at  (, "One big item of interest is that the Anderson, South Carolina factory closed down in 1959. All manufacturing went back to Elizabeth, New Jersey but they kept the "A" prefix.  Your 503A was manufactured in Elizabeth, New Jersey instead of Anderson, SC." (Singer had told me Anderson, SC )


Singer model 503 A Slant-O-Matic

This model Slant-O-Matic should come with an original "O" cam for zig-zag stitches.  Do not run your machine without a cam in it.  :)


 The Singer slant-needle model machines were the last all-metal gear machines that Singer made.  Although the serial numbers for these machines were issued by the company starting in 1951, most of the machines, if not all, were made between 1960 and 1962.

This model 503A is my favorite machine.  It has the fine engineering of my 500A, and the strength and durability of all the Slant-O-Matics.  It is very simple to operate, and although it does not have built-in stitches, the Fashion Discs that come with it, allow great versatility.

This one is in like-new condition, truly looks as if it has been used very little, and arrived with its box of attachments.  It is in such new condition, that the original paint is on the hinge set screws, as if they have never been adjusted.




Sample stitches from this 503A are below:


The attachments and accessories for the 503A include:

    The attachment set complete is part # 161744

  • #8879  Felt washer (4)

  • #161172 Seam guide

  • #51361 (813)  Bed plate screw

  • #51621 (813) Bed plate nut

  • #81200 Binder foot

  • #161133 Tube of oil

  • #161166 Zipper foot

  • #161167 Applique foot

  • #161168 Button foot

  • #16195 Hemmer foot

  • #163483 Special purpose foot

  • #161276 Lint brush

  • #161294 Large screwdriver

  • #161295 Small screwdriver (for bobbin case)

  • #161561 Ruffler

  • #170071 Straight stitch presser foot

  • Fashion Discs (stitch cams) - #1 (172185), #5 (172191), #6 (172229), #7 (172230), #8 (171323), #9 (171324), #10 (174533), and #11 (174540)

  • #172007 Spool pin (3)

  • #172336 Plastic bobbin (4)

  • #174529 Throat plate

  • #2020 size 15 x 1 needles (6)

  • #21185 Instruction manual


The attachments for the 403A and the 503A are identical except for the part numbers on the Applique / Special Purpose foot, the seam guide is included with the 503A, and the instruction manuals.






This machine also uses:

Buttonhole Attachment (160743 slant shank, complete)


  • original and complete buttonhole attachment instructions (folded and bent in places)

  • maroon plastic box to hold all (treasure box)

  • buttonholer (black with white knob)

  • metal templates 5/8" straight, 1 and 1/16" straight, 13/16" straight, 5/16" straight, 1 and 1/16" keyhole

  • feed cover plate

  • slotted clamping screw

  • large looped screwdriver









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